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​​My Sculptures are symbols of artistic evolution in the third dimension.  Sculpture has allowed me to explore  volume of lines, shapes and proportions inherited from drawing.  My sculpting process involves dissecting parts of a whole while understanding the unique functions of details that make up the total volume of my subject.  This evolving understanding of each figure gives meaning to body language, behavior and mood  of the human form.​​​  ​Each Example of my sculpture is an attempt to describe the individual and the stories that makes up the history of the person.  The physical description of my sculpture strives to pull out the underling personality, mood and desire of each subject.  The expressions found in the Portraits, the body language found in the Figures and the stories found in the pictorial Reliefs are examples of this artistic evolution.  I invite you to view my gallery categories to see which style and category speaks to you, then you can contact me for more information on price and service.

Sherwin Banfield - ARTIST

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