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My personal History of the Model Aviva began in my sophomore year at Parsons School of Design.  This first experience with Aviva was met with surprise and delight.  It was a warm September morning.  The downtown campus was anxious and full of students with their Artbins fighting to get into one of the two cramped elevators.  I made it up to the The 11th floor drawing studio.  The room was bright and spacious.  My desk slightly angled, Newsprint pad flipped open, vine charcoal in one hand, kneaded eraser in the other awaiting the start of a three hour figure drawing class.  A unique sound of shuffling footsteps approached the room.  There, opening the door and entering the studio, our model for our class session, Aviva, dressed casually with slippers beneath her.  Her joyful personality would disarm any Artist, young or mature.  Her sense of humor, infectious as she made her way weaving through the art studio desks and easels towards the clothes changing station.  (Read More here by clicking on the image to the right -->)

Sherwin Banfield - ARTIST

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