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Model to Monument at Van Cortlandt​ Park, N.Y.C.  - FLOCK

Located in Van Cortlandt Park in the Bronx, nestled upon a circular mound where 3 paths converge,  is the home of our Collaborative Public Sculpture, Flock, by the 2012/2013 Model to Monument fellows.  This collaborative effort by all seven M2M artist took shape over the 8 months. Each artist contributing individualized interpretive proposals which then grew organically into an all encompassing avian idea. As a group. the process of condensing our designs, were painstakingly critiqued and voted upon until our ideas arrived at the final Flock model.  Each of our contributions are summarized in this model.  The ideas, the design, the construction and the finishing touches are a summary of collaborative efforts.  My contribution range from bird designs, to interpretative idea revisions, photography, graphical layouts and presentations. Each Artist contributing ideas and skills valuable to the group as a whole .Once approved by the parks engineer, the board of NYC parks department and the Van Cortlandt committee, the process of executing the 16 feet tall life size model will begin.  Upon completion, this life size model will be unveiled May 13th and will be on display for 1 year.

More info on Flock can be found here on The Art Students League Website.

The FLOCK Information Design Graphic

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The Artist who collaborated on FLOCK are Sherwin Banfield, John Erianne, Reina Kubota, Benat Iglesias Lopez, Anna Rabinowitz, Anne Stanner, Morito Yasumitsu

Downloadable FLOCK Information 

FLOCK Presentation to Community Board 9.

Presented by Sherwin Banfield

FLOCK Presentation to Community Board 9.

Presented by Anne Stanner

FLOCK Information Design Graphic

FLOCK Evolution Design Graphic

(Click the Graphical Picture to Download the .PDF)

FLOCK Maquette and Map Location

Material: Steel/ Height: 16"/ Width: 9"

(Van Cortlandt Park, Bronx N.Y.C.)


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The Evolution of FLOCK Presentation

Year of production: 2013

Running Time: 20:36 min

Color / Sound

Model to Monument fellows present their collaborative Public Sculpture design to the Community Board 9 members. An important step in the process of gaining the approval of the community who will live amongst our proposed Public Sculpture, Flock.  

DOWNLOAD Anne's Presentation HERE

DOWNLOAD Sherwin's Presentation HERE

FLOCK MEASUREMENTS: = 16’ 9” / Width = 12’ 9”
The Artist Presenting are Anne Stanner and Sherwin Banfield.
Video created and edited by Sherwin Banfield for Leozine Studio

Model to Monument 2013: Creating Art for Public Spaces

Year of production: 2012

Running Time: 2:18 min

Color / Sound

Meet the Artist for the 2012/2013 Model to Monument Program.  Model to Monument (M2M): Creating Work for Public Spaces, is a five-year partnership with the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation. M2M trains artists to produce work for public spaces, and installs their work in Riverside Park South and Van Cortlandt Park. Greg Wyatt, League instructor and sculptor-in-residence at St. John the Divine, leads the program.September 2012 marked the beginning of Year 3 for M2M. 

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NEWS 12 Bronx

Year of production: 2013

Running Time: 50 sec

Color / Sound


News 12 Bronx was on the scene to report on the unvieling of FLOCK at Van Cortlandt Park.  The design of FLOCK celebrates the bird sanctuary of Van Cortlandt Park and the freedom that flight embodies. This design is also a celebration of community and collaboration. Understanding that we are all a flock, a group, a family and a community. We gather for many reasons, for work, for play, for conversation, for meditation, for celebrating life, for mourning death, for pilgrimages to distant lands, and for public art receptions. We gather as a means of survival, as a pride, as a herd and as a family. We gather as a FLOCK.


News 12 Bronx footage

The Artist who collaborated on FLOCK are Sherwin Banfield, John Erianne, Reina Kubota, Benat Iglesias Lopez, Anna Rabinowitz, Anne Stanner, Morito Yasumitsu

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