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Wedding Paintings


 Alana & Gary

Wedding Painting, Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts

Set upon a beautiful backdrop of the Nantucket Sound in the presence of the East Chop Lighthouse, the ceremonious story of Alana and Gary is illustrated in this painting. This 24" by 36" Oil on Canvas was influenced by the images provided by the Bride and Groom depicting the story of their wedding day. A portrait of Gary and Alana in a state of joyful bliss is dramatized by the expressive sky and voluminous clouds that surround this beautiful couple. As you pan the painting left to right, you will notice details depicting such moments of the father walking the bride down the aisle as the backlight casts two shadows upon their path; leading into the moment as the vows of love are exchanged, the couple is illuminated as they become One. Next, the couple is portrayed jumping the broom. And last, husband and wife walking into the sunset with their shadows symbolically casted as one. The path that lay ahead is the unknown but the security of their love is symbolically portrayed in the lighthouse which illuminates their journey.
Congratulations Alana and Gary!

24" x 36"  Oil on Canvas by Sherwin Banfield

Tawnya & Nik

Reception Painting, Carnegie Institution for Science, Washington D.C.

Set within our Nation's Capital, the beautiful couple dances for the first time as husband and wife. Tawnya & Nik expresses their love for one another in front of family and friends, taking center stage in the rotunda of The Carnegie Institution for Science. 
This painting was started on site, capturing the stunning classically influenced interior. The glow of the mid tone against the natural hue of the marble floors surrounds the couple as they are admired by love ones. That spontaneous gaze into each others eyes as they dance as one is captivating as I attempted to express this moment in the painting. Congratulations to Tawnya and Nik!

16" x 20" Acrylic & Oil on Canvas by Sherwin Banfield

 Jennifer & Andreas

Reception Painting, Schloss Leopoldskron, Salzburg, Austria

The Reception of Jennifer and Andreas is taking place in one of the well known locations in Salzburg, Austria. The location is named the Schloss Leopoldskron and is the setting of the lake scene for The Sound of Music, the Hollywood movie. The beautiful couple kisses on the path near the gate, overlooking the lake and the famous Mount Untersberg.
This Painting describes the idyllic landscape on the grounds of Salzburg Royalty. Depicting the famous location of a movie involving love and adventure.

17 1/4" x 24" Acrylic & Oil on Canvas by Sherwin Banfield

 Jennifer & Andreas

Ceremony Painting, Maria Plain, Salzburg, Austria

Atop the hills overlooking the Valley town of Salzburg, Austria sits the chapel Maria Plain. The ceremony of Jennifer and Andreas has taken place. The vows of love, spoken in both English and German summarizes the history of love and affection, sealed by a kiss, blessed by the priest in the presence of family, friends, Mary, Jesus and his disciples. 
This Painting describes the moments following the announcement of married couple. As Jennifer and Andreas reveal themselves as a union making their way to exit of Maria Plain. Friends and family are elated to witness this beautiful union. Painted from memory and picture reference, this video depicts the evolution of this painted Ceremony through time-lapse recording. Each stroke of paint, strived to describe the presence of the event, the feeling of the moment and the volume of the setting.

18" x 24" Acrylic & Oil on Canvas by Sherwin Banfield

Onsite Wedding & Event Paintings by Sherwin Banfield

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