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Wedding Paintings



The following is the suggested steps for reviewing, selecting and ordering your On-site Fine Art Painting or Commission.


  1. Review the Gallery to familarize yourself with the style and quailty of the Artist's Paintings.

  2. Review the available Package options: Fine Arts, Fantasy, Fairytale and Royal Package

  3. Choose the Package that feels right for you or Choose to create your own Package

  4. Make your Selections by Downloading the Pricing Order Form  HERE  or  - - >

  5. Confirm by Contacting the Artist about your Order, Questions, Shipping, Travel and Final Pricing

  6. Learn about the Artist, Sherwin Banfield and his painting process from On-site to Studio



Your Fine-Art Wedding Painting will add an sense of timeless allure and dimension to your living space.  



1.  Review the Gallery

Review the Painting Gallery to familarize yourself with the style and quailty of work provided by the Artist. 

For more infomation on our Gallery select the Gallery Button

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Choose Package

2.  Review the available Package options

Explore our Wedding Package options Fine Arts, Fantasy, Fairytale and Royal Package

For more infomation on our Packages select the Packages Button

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3.  Choose your Package

Choose the Package that feels right for you by considering the Size of Canvas that fits best for your wall space, the vision you would like to capture, and the Add-ons you would like to include in your package.  Choose from one our four All Inclusive Packages, Create Your Own Package or Commission a Painting or Portrait by deciding on a variety of options from Size, Quality, various Add-ons and On-site Time.  

Download and review our current Order Form/ Price List by Clicking the Order Form Button.

*NOTE* Use Adobe Acrobat Reader for best results.  Dowload from or the App Store.

4. Make Your Selections

Decide on your Package, Customization or Commission by filling out our Order Form.

Imput your Name and Event Date. Select from the additional add-ons for your Package, Customization or Commision Selection. Attach your Order Form to an Email addressed to

Once your Email request is reviewed, you will receive a follow up email confirmming if the artist is able to meet your request. You will also then learn about the details of traveling fees, shipping, copyright and payment type.



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5. Confirmation

You will be contacted to confirm your Wedding (Event) Painting request.

We will review all selections and request to verify all agreed upon details.

Once a down payment is received, your Event date will be confirmed.

On the day of your Event, the artist will arrive early to setup and start the painting.

Upon the end of the confirmed on-site lenght of time, the artist will notify a member of your party of his departure.

The Artist will then contact you in 6 to 12 weeks following your event to update you on the progress of your painting.

Delivery details will be confirmed and a date will be set for Delivery of your Painting and accompanying materials.

6. Artist Info

Learn about the artist Sherwin Banfield and his approach to Painting Events, the Painting Process On-site and the Finishing in Studio.  

  • Explore the Artist's Creative History and Development as a Visual Artist.

  • Discover the most asked Questions and Answers about the Fine Art Wedding Event Painting Process

  • Explore the Artist's Blog and Social Media

  • Learn about the Artist's other Creative Passions such as Sculpture, Drawing and Design



Onsite Wedding & Event Paintings by Sherwin Banfield

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